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Today’s weather and my attitude to it

Weather is a thing that worries everybody. When people meet they like to talk about today’s weather and the weather forecast for the next day. Many our decisions and plans depend upon weather. In accordance with weather we often plan our weekends. If a weather forecast promises a clear and warm day, the best way to spend it is to have a picnic. But human nature is very strange. Many people often miss summer in winter and miss winter in summer. Most people like thunderstorm and downpour. Our mood in many respects depends on weather too.
Today’s weather is very beautiful. The sun is shining brightly, the sky is clear and it is warm outside. And I like such weather very much. Thanks to this weather I am always in good mood in spite of everything. But it is difficult to study when the bright sun and the birds’ singing remind us about a seashore with light breeze or a shade of the forest, or cool river water. On such days we dream about travelling and holidays. 
Today’s weather is not very good. The sky is cloudy, it is raining and it is very damply. And I don’t like such weather. Because of such weather many people have bad mood. It prevents all our plans to weekend. But in spite of such weather we must not get upset and we must believe that next day will be sunny and warm.
Today’s weather is very bad. It is cold, muddy and windy outside. And I hate such weather. It is difficult to imagine that such weather can be in summer. During such days people don’t leave their houses and they try to spend their time at home. And it is normal because we want to see bright sun’s rays and blue sky but the sky is grey and we almost can’t see the sun.
The weather doesn’t justify our hopes very often. As a mater of fact weather is independent, we can’t subject it to our influence or change it. So let be thankful together whatever the weather.  


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