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I am found of shopping very much. So I’d like to tell you about that. I do my shopping rather often, almost every day in a nice supermarket not far from my house.
The first counter on the right is the bakery. There is always fresh bread, buns, rolls and cakes there.
Next to this is the delicatessen and sausage counter, where one can by different kinds of sausage, ham and salted pork. They sell milk, cream, cottage and hard cheese, butter and other dairy products at the dairy counter. Then comes the fruit and vegetables counter, the meat counter, the fish counter, the dry grocery in which one can by various cereals, spices, tea, coffee and oil. In the confectionery we can have a cup of coffee, a glass of juice with pies or cakes. They sell sweets, candies and bars of chocolate there too.
Sometimes I and my family buy lemons, oranges, apples or grapefruits in the greengrocer’s and meat in the butcher’s. We also buy some vegetables and fruit in the market.
When I need to look for a birthday present for somebody, I go to the Central Department Store. We can get everything in the way of food and manufactured goods there. The window dressing is admirable there. I go along the ground floor and look into the shop windows of the grocery, where one can see all kinds of foodstuffs. Then I go upstairs to first floor where one can see various goods. There are on sale: haberdashery, stationery, hosiery, leather-wear, knitwear. There one can get everything in the way of clothes wanted by men, women and children.
On the second floor of the department store one can see all kinds of household utensils: crockery, china, electric appliances, cutlery, pots and pans, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, cameras, radio and television sets, computers, stereo cassette recorders and many other things.
Sometimes I make some purchases for myself in the Department Store.


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